How to Transfer Money?

Transferring money from other countries always had it's own procedure. Has-Nihon Trading always have tried to make it simpler for customers from every part of the world.Now we are supporting 3 main transfer methods:

Bank Wiring

We have account in a major Japanese bank. Please use these information to transfer money via Wire Transfer.


Beneficiary Has-Nihon Trading CO. LTD.
A/C No 2578252
Bank Name MUFG Bank LTD.
Branch SHIBUYA Branch (No:135)
Country Japan

Credit Card Transfer

Has-Nihon Trading accepts all major Credit Card types including Visa , MasterCard, American Express, JCB.
We use PayPal method for credit card payments.

You can make credit card payments via following links:


PayPal charges about 4% of each money transfer. Therefore we recommend bank wiring due to high transaction charges of PayPal if the total amount goes over ¥100,000.

You can also access your PayPal account on and enter the beneficiary PayPal account for Has-Nihon Trading as