Import Process

How to Import Vehicles (Cars) after Purchasing?

Members have to know that importing units is not just a simple process and Has-Nihon Trading established various departments and sections to complete the export procedure in behalf of you.
Import process for a customer is an export process for our company. Our Company's duty will end until the documents delivered to the customer and includes loading purchased vehicle(s) on the vessel or if it is a post able item, deliver it to the posting or carrier company.

There are several steps as below:

Procedure of Importing (Exporting) Purchased Items

After selecting your desired vehicle(s) these steps should be done.

  1. Confirmation of the Payment (Full or Advance) or L/C
  2. Documents and release order will be given by Accounting department to:
    1. If purchased item is a vehicle to Shipping Department.
      1. Then our Shipping Department will get to know about such purchase and detail and will contact with the customer to confirm:
        1. If the purchased vehicle is the right one and desired condition.
        2. If the Import law in customers country has any restrictions or any additional requirements to prepare:
          1. For vehicle structural vise (JAA Inspection etc.)
          2. For documentation vise (Translation etc.)
        3. If need any Insurance or safety precautions.
        4. If any further requirements available or not
      2. Pre-inspection before shipment is the next step, as we have to double check the car’s latest existing condition and inform the customer if we found anything not matches or not known previously.
      3. Job order for , If anything found or customer order to be done, fixed or repair before shipment.
      4. Preparation the vehicle to be transport to the port or shipping place , which includes the cleaning inside , outside and engine bay of the vehicle , put polyethylene mat (floor mat cover)on top of floor mat to prevent step (foot) dirt and cover the seats with nylon covers for protection.
      5. Wait for the scheduled vessel and inform the customer.
      6. Proceed the shipment when the scheduled vessel is available.
      7. Prepare the necessary documentation required for the customer to able to import
      8. Post the documents to the customer , by confirming if there is no balance payment remaining or appeared after the process started.
      9. Re-Confirm with the customer if he received the documentation parcel safely.
    2. If purchased item is a part to Parts Department to be shipped.
    3. If purchased item is any other goods to Trade Department to be shipped.