Shipping Process

Shipping Procedure

Most of our customers are not familiar with the procedure of shipping. Here you can find a brief description which help you to decide when is the best time for you to buy and send your cargoes to their destinations.

When a customer ordered a specific vehicle, Shipping Department starts shipping procedure immediately after Accounts department delivers your purchase documents to us.

Depending on the place of ordered vehicle it takes time for us to bring it to our Service Workshop especially if the vehicle was bought from auctions or warehouses far away from tokyo.

After receiving purchased vehicle in our service workshop our staff do a complete check up and make it ready for users. Since it has been on warehouse for long time this procedure also takes time and performed free of charge as one of Has-Nihon's unique services. Meanwhile our Document Department performs other important issues such as changing original registration certificate to export certificate and also our Shipment Department contact our agents to book your order in specific vessel.

All these procedures and many other details which are unnecessary to mention takes so much time specially in a country like japan where is full of rules, regulations, bureaucracy and paperwork but Has-Nihon's excellent management and better negotiation with other parties reduce these time consuming processes to 10 days.

Now we can assure our customers if they order their desired vehicles 10 days before CUT Date (CUT date usually is one week before ETD) they certainly find it onboard but please consider our 10 days record is the minimum period you should order your cargoes, if you buy your desired items in less than 10 days before cut date unfortunately you have no way unless wait for next vessel so please ask to our Shipment Department for every weeks shipping information.

Our Shipment Department will e-mail you a Pre Shipment alert asking confirmation of the consignee details, port of destination, and any repair/installment work required and if you need any other documents for custom purpose.


We recommend our valued customer to check import laws/regulations related used cars in their country. You may not import some cars or models, may be year restriction, need some inspection, DEGAS or other thing according to your country €™s import law.

Disclaimer Note

Please note for any loss/damages arising from the above matter Has-Nihon has no responsibility.

1. What should be Ocean Freight Cost for my car?

Ocean Freight Charge is calculated by the size of car (M3) = M3 X Freight rate.

Example: Freight charge for a Nissan Skyline to Bristol Port is:

SIZE : 4.54 X 1.69 X 1.29 = 9.897(M3) X FREIGHT RATE(US$ 69.5) = US$ 687.89

NOTE: For latest freight charge please contact with shipping department.

2. What are the Terms of Ocean Freight Payment?

There are 2 ways of ocean freight payment:

  1. Ocean Freight Collect at the destination: You can pay freight at the destination to the shipping agent after the vessel arrive.
  2. Ocean Freight Prepaid : You can pay freight to us to pay the shipping company on behalf of you after the vessel departure.
3. What kind of shipments are available?

Usually there are 2 Types of Shipment available-Rolls on Roll off (RO/RO Vessel) and Container Vessel. But we arrange 2 more types of special shipment upon request of the customer when space is not available on regular RO/RO vessel or/and in needs of clients urgent shipment by arranging space on Chartered RO/RO Vessel and CFS Container Vessel (mixed container with other customers' car). For freight and schedule of this special shipment please contact with shipping department.

  • On RO/RO vessel you can bring only any passenger cars, Trucks and buses. Inner Cargo is not available for all the RO/RO vessel.
  • In a Container Vessel you can bring parts, mechanaries, bike, ATV, Frok lift with any cars. In this shipment-you can also put some parts inside the car.


20ft Container 40ft Container
Vehicle 90,000 JPY 120,000 JPY
Spare Part 140,000 JPY 180,000 JPY
4. How long does it take to reach my car?

It depends on the destination Port and availability of space. We make booking order for next available vessel, immediately after documents delivered from Accounting Department.

As an example; from Yokohama port to New Westminster port in Canada, it requires 10 days by ship.

5. What about insurance?

We can arrange insurance by the request of the customer. There are 2 types of Insurance, Theft & Damage Insurance and Marine & Fire Insurance.

Theft & Damage Insurance covers the Damages, lost of parts, pilferage or theft.
Marine & Fire Insurance covers whole damage occurred by sinking, firing and natural disaster during shipment.

You can buy Theft & Damage Insurance with Marine & Fire Insurance set or individually. You also can make insurance for parts.

Insurance charge calculated by FOB price as below;


FOB Price (JPY) Insurance Charge (JPY)
0 - 290,000 10,000
300,000 - 390,000 12,000
400,000 - 490,000 15,000
500,000 - 590,000 18,000
600,000 - 690,000 22,000
700,000 - 790,000 26,000
800,000 - 890,000 30,000
900,000 - 990,000 35,000


FOB Price (JPY) Insurance Charge (JPY)
0 - 490,000 5,000
500,000 - 990000 7,000
1,000,000 - 10,000

Please note Theft & Damage Insurance payments made deduction 5% of the insured amount in any damage.

For example if your Insured amount is 500,000 JPY and Claimed Damage amount is 50,000 JPY. You will get 25,000JPY (50,000 - 5% of 500,000 = 25,000 ). If claimed damage amount is less than 25,000 JPY, it will not be covered by the insurance.

6. When will I get information the shipping schedule?

As soon as your space would be confirmed, shipping department will inform you the shipping schedule.

7. What documents available for custom clearance?

We provide B/L, Dereg Certificate (Export certificate) Original Japanese Version with English Translation, Invoice for custom clear and Insurance Documents and other documents requested by the customer.

8. When can I get Original Shipping documents?

After confirming your Final Payment Accounting department will pay your freight to the shipping line then the shipping line will send us your original B/L. This process takes 2-3 days after receiving final payment from you. Shipping department then mail your documents by DHL, TNT or FEDEX. In case of surrendered B/L, we send 1 set of documents by e-mail to faster the custom process before sending Hard copies by postal mail.