Has-Nihon Auction Grades

The grade is the overall assessment of the car given to it. The purpose of the grade is to give you a quick idea of the general condition of the car or vehicle.

Let's have a quick look on the different grades:

Grade Explaination
A Repair history vehicle and repair work is not good.
A3 Repair history vehicle with some repair traces.
A3.5 Repair history vehicle with good repair work.
A4 Repair history vehicle with excellent repair work.
1 Vehicle having some sort of serious modifications in original vehicle. e.g: Transmission changed from auto to manual.
2 Vehicles in poor condition. A vehicle of grade 2 will often have corrosion or corrosion holes and some other serious issues.
3 Various scratches or dents, some paint blemishes.
3.5 Vehicle has a few scratches or dents visibly. The grade is usually given to a vehicle in average condition.
4 Vehicle in good condition, few scratches/dents due to normal wear as you would get with any normal vehicle.
4.5 Vehicle is in excellent condition. No slight scratches or dents.
5 Vehicle is like new. All original body parts. No repair needed on vehicle. Usually only given to vehicles less than 3 years old.
S As new condition, under 5,000km
*** Accidental vehicles or vehicles needed major repair work.