Service Terms & Conditions

A. Providing Stock Sale

Company has stocks listed for the all registered members. All stock units and items, can be seen easily and can purchase or negotiate with the company by making online order/offers.

B. Japan Auto Auctions

The online facilities provided by the COMPANY allow the Premium MEMBERs to search and place FOB bids on vehicles in auctions all over Japan. The COMPANY will then place the actual bids on the vehicles designated by the Premium MEMBER's FOB bids through the COMPANY's bidding facilities with the auctions themselves. However, the decision concerning whether to enter actual bids at the auctions themselves in response to FOB bids entered by the Premium MEMBERS shall be at the sole discretion of the COMPANY. The COMPANY will bid up to Maximum 10,000¥ over the FOB bid amount specified by the Premium MEMBERS unless the Premium MEMBER has given prior written permission to the COMPANY allowing the COMPANY to go over this bid by a specified amount.

* More information about Online Japan Auto Auction can be found in COMPANY’s Auction Data Search Site (ADS) Please visit to get more information.

C. Inspection

1. Inspection for stock units

All units has been inspected by our professional inspectors on arrival to our stock yard. Original auction’s inspection sheet with auction grade also available in order to compare. Some of the details might not be same as auction’s inspection sheet, as already been fixed or repaired or planned to be repaired by our mechanic team with no additional cost than listed price.

2. Inspection for the Premium Member’s Purchases from Auctions

Premium Member’s Purchases from Auctions can be inspected on arrival according to Premium Members order, see details in ADS "".

D. Photos & Details

1. Photos & Details for Stock units

Photos in Details for All units has been taken on arrival to our stock yard. If any repair and changes will be done after arrival, new photos in details will be taken and re-upload. The photos existing in website is always the latest ones.

2. Photos & Details for the Premium Member’s purchases from Auctions

Photos in Details can be taken for the Premium Member’s Purchases from Auctions on arrival to our yard according to the Premium Member’s order, see details in ADS "".

E. Mechanical Repair, service maintenance or mechanical upgrade

Any unit can be repaired if has any problem or make maintenance service or upgrade by installing additional parts or aftermarket attachments if Member gives order with additional cost.

F. Body Repair & Paint

Any unit’s body can be repaired & paint if Member gives order with additional cost.

G. Used & New Parts Supply

1. Stock Supply

Company has stock listed in website open for sale for ALL MEMBERS which can be purchased easily online . The delivery can be by post, by inner cargo if Member has purchased any car and if shipping line aloud , by container or by attaching (fixing )on Member’s purchased car.

2. Maker & Market Supply

Company can supply used & new parts from makers and private dealers and market on order base from the MEMBERS. The delivery can be same as stock supply.

3. Dismantle Service

Company can supply parts by dismantling used and damaged cars on order base of MEMBERS and ship to the requested destination by container. For the Fees for dismantle and stuffing(banning) containers please ask by email to our Parts Department.