Membership Terms & Conditions

The COMPANY only trades with individuals or companies who have registered as members. Membership is available only to individuals and companies, who are able to enter into legally binding contracts. By agreeing to this contract All MEMBERS warrants that All MEMBERS is either:

  • An adult with the legal capacity to enter into binding contracts.
  • An incorporated body with the legal capacity to enter into binding contracts.

All MEMBERS is liable for all costs, charges and fees payable under this contract. Nonpayment of said costs, charges and fees will result in the creation of caveat able interests in favor of the COMPANY in any rights, titles and interests All MEMBERS may have or hereafter acquire in any real freehold or leasehold properties.

A. Types Of Membership

1. Ordinary Membership

Anyone can get an Ordinary Membership free of cost just filling the application form correctly and full. Ordinary Members can view our stock in website, can make offers and negotiation and purchase units from our stock. However they are not allowed to participate Japan Auto Auctions. (Currently we don't accept any new applications for ordinary membership)

2. Advance Membership

This type of membership is useful for those who are planning to purchase only one unit from Japanese auto auctions. The minimum required advance membership deposit depends on a bid amount as follows:

  • To make a bid up to ¥800,000 the minumum advance membership deposit is ¥100,000.
  • To make a bid over ¥800,000 the minumum required advance membership deposit is equal to the 25% of the bid amount.

3. Premium Membership

If you are a frequent buyer from Japan auto auctions, premium membership should suit your needs. We keep ¥100,000 security deposit for your purchases from auctions.

Premium Members and Advance Members are allowed accessing to ADS website which provides the daily information of Japan wide auto auctions.

B. Premium Membership Security Deposit

Premium MEMBER must pay a security deposit of ¥100,000 (refundable). This can be remitted by either Bank Telegraphic Transfer or by PayPal to the bank account or PayPal account designated by the COMPANY , or Credit Card which contracted by the COMPANY.

C. Returning The Security Deposit

This deposit is not a membership fee.(In case you are not purchasing and still using ADS to search vehicles we will deduct ¥5,000 per month after one month of last purchase from your security deposit.) It can be refunded at the Premium MEMBER's written request received via email, fax or normal mail, after at least 3 months period or purchasing more than 5 vehicles. In the event of such a request, the amount returned to the MEMBER will have both the bank transfer charges required to return the money to the MEMBER and any outstanding monies owed to the COMPANY for goods and services provided under these Terms of Trade deducted from it. The COMPANY will remit this remainder to the bank account or PayPal account the COMPANY has on record for the MEMBER. The COMPANY will not be responsible for any delays, or any losses caused by fluctuations in exchange rates, bank charges levied by the MEMBER's bank, or failure by the MEMBER to provide correct remitting account details to the COMPANY. The MEMBER should allow at least 14 days for any refund to arrive in his or her bank account or PayPal account.

D. Removing Inactive Member’s Accounts

From time to time, the COMPANY will review the status of members' accounts. Where the MEMBER's account has been inactive for a period of time, the COMPANY will attempt to contact the MEMBER and decide whether to allow the MEMBER's account to remain active or not. The level of activity for a particular account will be determined by the frequency of purchases made through this account. It will not be determined by the total number of times or the regularity with which the MEMBER logs in to the COMPANY's online facilities. The decision to remove inactive accounts is taken at the sole discretion of the COMPANY.


This is simply can be named as obligations of the both sides, COMPANY and ALL MEMBERS as under:

1. The Company's Obligations

The COMPANY agrees to take all reasonable steps to ensure that information provided by the MEMBER and information related to the MEMBER's business dealings with the COMPANY are held in a secure fashion both on and off line. The COMPANY also undertakes to preserve strict confidence in its dealings with the MEMBER. However, the COMPANY will not be held liable in this where the COMPANY is compelled to reveal information related to the MEMBER or the MEMBER's business dealings with the COMPANY by an order from a government body, a legal injunction or any other similar instrument.

2. The Member's Obligations

The COMPANY will provide the MEMBER with the user name and password by which the MEMBER may gain access to the COMPANY's online facilities. It is the sole responsibility of the MEMBER to hold this user name and password in a secure fashion. Only the designated MEMBER is permitted to use the user name and password provided to the MEMBER by the COMPANY to access its online facilities. The COMPANY will not be held liable for any losses or damages, whether direct or indirect, arising either from the MEMBER's failure to hold his or her user name and or password securely, or from the MEMBER permitting a third party or parties access to the COMPANY's online facilities via the MEMBER's user name and password. Furthermore, the COMPANY reserves the right in its sole discretion to remove the MEMBER's account and retain the MEMBER's deposit if it finds reasonable evidence that the MEMBER's account is being used by automated systems or by persons other than the MEMBER.