Terms & Conditions
General Definitions

Thank you for accessing the Has-Nihon Trading Co., Ltd. website. The services offered to you by Has-Nihon Trading Co., Ltd. and its web site www.hasnihon.com is subject to the following customer agreement. The agreement may be updated from time to time with additions, modifications, and deletion to its provisions, but only the notices that Has-Nihon considers important to its members will be posted on the www.hasnihon.com site. We recommend you to review the most current version of the agreement when using the www.hasnihon.com

In undertaking to carry on business with Has-Nihon Trading Co., Ltd. , all members must agree to the terms and conditions set out in these Terms of Trade. These Terms of Trade form the contract that represents the complete expression of all rights and obligations between the Company and All Members, and supersedes any and all previous oral and written agreements and understandings between them, which are hereby rendered null and void.

All Members are referred to Ordinary Members, Regular Members & Premium Members. Some of the Terms of Trade can be different for each membership types.

The Terms of Trade are the conditions under which we do business with you. Basically, they are the contract between us. We have made them clearer and more comprehensive which makes business smoother for both of us.

Terms & Conditions have been divided into four categories please read all these conditions before starting business with Has-Nihon Trading:

  1. Membership Terms & Conditions
  2. Service Terms & Conditions
  3. Payment Terms & Conditions
  4. Delivery & Shipment Terms & Conditions