Payment Terms & Conditions

Payment terms are differs for the units purchase style as under

A. Buying from Our Stock (For All Members)

All Members can make payments as under when they purchase from our stock lists in our web site:

  1. 100% irrevocable and confirmed Letter of Credit (L/C) in favor of HAS-NIHON TRADING CO., LTD. drawn and negotiable at any Japanese or International Bank in Japan.

Note: L/C may not be acceptable in certain cases, due to international regulations, or due to our internal policy.


  1. 50% advance payment upon receipt of confirmation of vehicle's chassis numbers.
  2. 50% remaining balance is to be paid within five working days of the shipment of order and receipt of copies of shipment documents.

Note 1: For vehicles under ¥200,000 FOB value, 100% amount should be paid in advance.
Note 2: Any bank charges/commission, occurred at time of remittance, should be beard by customer.

B. Cancellation of Order

The order cannot be cancelled after acceptance by the customer. In case of cancellation, the company may seek the suitable amount (minimum ¥50,000 + expenses for preparing the vehicle for shipment ) to cover the loss. The company reserves its rights to the sold items (Vehicles, Parts, etc.), until all dues from the customer have been cleared. Although every effort is made to ensure that the items have been supplied are strictly to the specification, however, should there be any discrepancy the allowances will only be made at company's discretion.

C. Buying from Other Japanese Auctions (For Premium Members)

We are registered as a member with all Japanese Auto Auctions. Everyday we check the next day's auctions, to find out vehicles according to our customer's requirements. If we find any matching vehicle, we send an email to our customer with auction sheet & photos. If customer likes the vehicle & authorize us to bid, we then next day bid for that vehicle up to the authorized amount. If the bid is successful & we get the vehicle for the bidder Premium Member , we ask and wait for the payment, and as soon as we get the payment, we arrange the shipment of vehicle by earliest available ocean vessel. Premium Members can search their desired vehicle by themselves, from the Japan Auction sites, provided by us or ADS, and forward their requirement to us for purchase. We will bid the vehicle on their behalf, within their mentioned FOB price. If the customer fails to pay the Full Bid Amount & Export Fee of the successful bid (vehicle), after authorizing us for bidding in auction, the security deposit submitted for premium membership will be seized & his/her membership will be changed to ordinary. Company also reserves the rights of canceling ordinary membership too. In ADS, Premium Members can only search their desired vehicle by themselves. Our Auction & Purchase department staff will bid the vehicle on their behalf. The staff can also search the vehicles, if provided the conditions, & send the information before bidding, for confirmation. Besides this ordering system, we can also accompany a customer to auctions in Japan, so he/she may select the vehicles of his/her own choice and instruct us to bid by computer. If the bid is successful, the remaining procedure & terms are same as ordering from auctions. FULL PAYMENT is required within 4 working days after receiving the P. Invoice , unless chosen another payment style or plan. Partial payment is not acceptable for purchases from Japan Auto Auctions.

More information about Japan Auto Auctions can be found in COMPANY’s Auction Data Search Site (ADS) Please visit to get more information.

D. Bank Charges⁄Fees (For All Members)

Our prices shown in P. Invoice and Invoice are net selling prices without adding any Bank Charges , which should be paid in full without deducting any bank charges etc. A full invoiced amount must be transferred into our Japan Account. We ask all customers to choose "Sender has to pay the bank charges" section, while arrangement of payment with their banks, so that we can receive full amount in Japan. We will credit to your account whatever we receive into our Bank and we can always show or prove the received amount.

E. Adjustments

For the customers who have not had business transactions with us more than one year and their accounts balance are less than ¥5,000 our policy is to change their accounts balance to 0 ¥ for the year end book closing, after noticing them by their registered emails.

If you have a balance as exchange fee in Japan side at the year-end outstanding, Has-Nihon Trading Co., LTD would cover the balances of less than ¥5,000 and make them ¥0 for the book closing.
However we would carry forward them, if we have business transactions from December through January.


  • We have to Receive P. Invoice or invoice amount in Full (net) into Our Japan Bank Account.
  • All Bank charges (fees) , both Customer and Japan side , should be excluded (Customer has to pay).

All our prices announced in Web site are discounted, after carefully considering these expenses. We are not increasing the List Prices or not making our stock Expensive by Including these kind of Expenses.