Purchase Process

How to purchase vehicles from Japan Market?

Day by day Japanese vehicles find more market outside of Japan market. If you want to select your vehicle among Japanese vehicles, our company will help you sufficiently.

Even professional importers try to find best ways to import cheap and high quality Japanese vehicles to their country. Here we try to introduce you the process for professional and non-professional importers.

Selecting Your Desired Vehicle

After becoming our member there are several ways to select your vehicle from Japan, such as from our Stock List, from Japan Auto Auctions or from Japanese Makers.

A. Purchase from our Stock List

In this method you can select your desired vehicles from our stock list. As soon as you ordered your item and money transaction has done, shipping procedure will start and we will send your order by first available vessel to your port of discharge.

We have bought our stock vehicles from various sources mainly from auction houses, therefore you can simply search inside our stocks and select. In this method the price of the car is available to our members. One of the main specification of our stock is that we have select the vehicles which are proper candidate for foreign markets also these cars have cheaper price comparing local stocks in Japan as we select the best price from auctions.

Our stock has 5 different categories:

  1. Used Vehicles
    1. Passenger & Sedan Cars
    2. Sports & Performance Cars
    3. SUV (JEEP), WAGON & 4WD
    4. Vans, Buses & Trucks
    5. Light Vehicles
  2. Damaged Vehicles
  3. Mobile Catering Vehicles
  4. Spare Parts
    1. New Spare Parts
    2. Used Spare Parts
  5. Others
    1. Machinery & Agricultural Equipments
    2. Motorcycles & ATV

B. Purchase from Japan Auto Auctions

If you could not find your desired vehicles in our Stock List you can purchase them directly from Japan's auction houses. Purchasing from auction houses is not simple for non Japanese customers because most of the data sheets are in Japanese and also all paper works are in Japanese too.

There are some web sites which receive Japan's auction data's and translate them for our premium members. Our premium members can search through thousands of cars daily. One of the leading web sites is www.auctiondatasearch.jp . Through this web site you can search for your desired vehicles in English and bid for your orders, then our Auction & Purchase Department try to buy that specific vehicle for you at your bid. This is your art to select the best bid but if you are not so much professional our staff can suggest proper price for bidding. Also previous data can help you to guess the price of the car and bid near that price.

Because as soon as your bid accepted in auction you are the owner of that vehicle. Therefore a security deposit (Currently 100,000¥) required for bidding in Japan Auctions.

C. Purchase from Japanese Makers

If you want to buy a brand new vehicle, we can contact with Japanese Makers and purchase your vehicle behalf of you.

When purchasing a new vehicle or exporting a used vehicle from Japan, as you know there are many necessary documents needs to be completed. Our company performs all the documentation and ship the vehicle to your ordered destination.