Delivery & Shipment Terms & Conditions

Delivering the units and Items is the final stage of our company’s process which makes the complete of the contract.

In Business delivery is always the last stage, but still have different ways. As Japan is an ISLAND delivery of the vehicles are 100% by vessels , which is called as shipment. On the other hand parts and small items can be delivered by post or air cargo also.

Shipment of the vehicles can be in 2 different ways , depending to the country or port of destination , Items or Vehicle specification and customers desire as under.

A. Shipment By RO/RO Vessels

Vehicles which can be drivable and in suitable size can be shipped by RO/RO ( Roll on Roll Off) vessels , if there is availability to destination port of the country. This is most common way in Japan to export and ship the vehicles.

B. Shipment By Container Vessels

To Some destinations either has no Ro/Ro vessel or the customer prefers to import vehicles in container, due to so many different reasons. Especially if they have small parts together with cars. Also Bikes, Jet-Skis , machineries , agricultural and other equipments and parts has to be shipped by container. In our own yard we have the facility to make banning containers as well as in the ports of Japan.

C. Partial Payment Stock Vehicles

In case the buyer fail to pay full amount of a vehicle within 6 month after purchased and keep stored in Has-Nihon Yard, storage charge should be occurred which should be incurred by the customer. If the customer fail to contact us and settle the payment and complete shipment procedure, Has-Nihon hold the right to sell the car in any public Auction or any private customer in order to recover the un paid amount including storage charge and the cost of sales.

D. Abandoned and/or Forgotten Vehicles

After receiving Partial or full payment for a vehicle If we don't receive any shipping instruction to ship the vehicle within 1 year after Purchased , the Company has right to sell the vehicle in order to cover the Storage Fee and other lawful charges in respect thereto.