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  Are you interested to buy a car through Japan auto auctions?

Welcome to Hasnihon.com, we are here to help you with our long years experience. Has-Nihon is a leading used car exporter company in Japan with over 15 years of experience. Upon our easy to understand system and reasonable fees, you can easily make a purchase from Japan auto auctions. You can also find some nice cars in our stock list which may suite your needs and your budget.

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Fill out the customer registration form here, wait for the approval of your membership and receive the login information. This information escalates you to login access either for hasnihon.com or auctiondatasearch.jp

Basic membership enables to make an offer to our stock units for used & damaged cars, mobile catering cars, spare parts, etc. By making a premium membership deposit or advance deposit which is described here, you can select your car from several thousands of the daily refreshing Japan auto auctions.

  About ADS

ADS is the Auction Data Search system of Has-Nihon. It has an easy interface to browse through the Japan auto auctions. You can see the details of a car in the auction and set your desired bid amount if you are interested. Then we will give an effort to get the car within the amount you set. You can see the further details here.

In order to access to the ADS auction system you are required to make a deposit either for a premium membership upgrade or an advance purchase system.

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You can contact us by email or make a call by our phone numbers listed here. Our English speaking staff will be grateful to support you.

Hope to live a great business experience with you!

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