Has-Nihon Facilities for Customers Travel Japan

For Our Premium Members, Regular Customers and Good Customers, we provide many facilities, including specially when they intend or come to Japan. Has-Nihon try and will always try to improve the facilities to make you more comfortable and familiar with our abilities and our capacities therefore we always encourage our customer to come to Japan and visit our company.

For the Customers who are new and begginner with us, we also try to give them guaidance and open detail, which can help for establish business.

Accomodation Facilities

Has-Nihon Guest House

Has-Nihon has an apartment completly furnished including all kitchen appliances, high speed internet connection, aircondition, LCD TV and washing machine for our customers traveling to Japan this house can accomodate up to two people. Please contact us before your travel which help us to manage the time schedule for all customers.

Apartment for Has-Nihon Customer who traveling to Japan

Hotel Reservation

In such situations that our customers prefer to go to hotel as they may be more than 2 persons or their trip may not be a business trip only and they need to take advantages of Tokyo (Japan) scenes or they feel more comfortable or in case our guest house is not vacant, we can reserve a customer's desired type hotel by accessing hundreds of hotels database we could find better choice for you.

Daily requirements

Surely our customers will have some daily requirements during the Japan travel. We provide to our customers free cell phone and free car for daily usages.

Pick-up Service

Tranportation to the Has-Nihon Office

We always have a free pick up service for anyone who arrived to the Minami-Otsuka Station where is the closest station to our company on Seibu Shinjuku Line. We can also pick up our customers from Narita Airport, depends to the arrival time. If the arrival time is not approval we can pick up at the Limusine Bus stations from Kawagoe or Omiya.

Please call this number before arriving:
+81 (0)4 2950 1511 (Has-Nihon head office)